The Importance of Web Designing

The Importance of Web Designing

There was a time when the Internet was exclusive to the American armed forces; but now, people say that its bubble has burst, and everyone knows damn well that online business is anything but on the decline. There cannot really be any modern (online) business without the right amount of consideration for issues pertaining to website design and development.

If you have a friend or relative who is an experienced website designer: consider enlisting their skills: they should be able to help you analyze your needs and then proceed to build, design and manage the website solution for you. He or she will need to have a proper understanding of your business and its operations as he or she goes about designing the optimal website. Make sure it is economical and effective, and that it meets your business requirements. Note that ease of use is one of the key factors when it comes to gaining and retaining loyal clients. And knowing Macromedia Flash, Dreamweaver and animation is a must these days.

Once you have a web designer, decide on the design of the website – an HTML website, which acts as an electronic brochure for your business, or a custom-designed dynamic site? Dynamic ones are driven by databases and they generate pages on demand – it could be anything from displaying the on-site inventory to an interactive test or survey.

You may at a later date decide that your website should be remodeled, so that it will have a fresh, new look. After all, the website should seek to convey the very look demanded by your company image demands within your market. Have your website designed around your current logo or develop a completely new look and corporate identity image around your business. Clean, fast-loading graphics will help to show your identity and unify your site.

How browser-friendly is the site? Be sure to have lean, fast and easily maintained HTML, Javascript and Style Sheets which are compatible with all browsers. You should use carefully considered words for your site’s keywords and actual content alike if only to make it as search-engine-friendly as possible. And a site must be placed in meta tags – all tags must be of equal prominence and frequency by HTML standards if it is all to be OK with search engines.

Finally, there is the point of links. Take the time to identify your business’ position in the market and consider how it could relate to other information / paraphernalia. For example, a new bank may think highly of the Financial Times, and post a link to that. By creating links from other relevant websites, you will get increased link popularity and improve your search engine ranking.