How to Properly Monitor Your Website

As a site owner, blogger or business owner, you need a site that is active and online at all times. Unfortunately, most sites experience server problems at least once a week, which can result in a few minutes to a few hours of downtime. This not only affects your site, but it is going to have an impact on the amount of people who are going to be visiting your site regularly.

What is Downtime?

Downtime happens to a website when the server goes offline. This is often due to a hosting issue rather than a problem with the pages on the site itself. When a server goes down, your entire site will become inactive. This comes up as an error message on your site’s front page, preventing from people from navigating around, buying products or making use of your services.

How Common Is It?

Downtime happens quite frequently if you have a bad host and server. If you’re noticing that the site is continually going down, you might want to consider switching servers to figure out where the problem lies. Most sites, on average, have downtime that lasts just a few minutes once a month. If your site has more downtime than this, it’s time to either change hosts or invest into a monitoring program.

Ways to Monitor Your Site

Using a monitoring program is a great way to keep your site active simply because it scans the site for downtime for you. It will then send an alert either by email or text message so that you can be aware that there is a problem. This prevents you from having to physically check the site, which can be time-consuming and daunting. In the past, the only way for you to keep an eye on server crashes was to shit there and look at the site for problems. Thankfully, technology has come a long way and is able to do this annoying work for you.

Using a Program

The program will be integrated into your site’s internal servers and will automatically monitor them for you. While this might sound complicated to install, it is a whole lot easier than you might think since the program will automatically integrate for you. Once you’ve integrated the software, you’ll need to put information into it so that it knows where to send alerts if there is a problem with the site.

Choosing the Right Software

Because there are literally dozens of different programs available, you need to compare different ones to figure out which option is right for your site’s needs. The program should test and monitor your site’s servers, so be wary of any program that says it just does the testing. Monitoring programs may also work to get your site back online, but this could mean a more expensive software that could cost upwards of a few thousand dollars. You can purchase the programs locally or on the internet at a reliable computer tech store.

Why Choose Distribution Management Software

What is Distribution Management Software?

This is one of the most shared questions among the business operators. Distribution management software is a system that can help firms to organize their logistic supply and the supply chain activities like inventory management, warehouse management, and the other order management, which entails the purchase and sale orders. This platform integrates such activities with the company’s sales and financial statements. This software can also boost the client satisfaction; control the prices along the distribution and supply chain, as well as reducing the order time.

Why do you need it in your Business?

The need for this software has continuously gained popularity in the business niche for the last few years. This is attributed to the diversification of sale in the e-commerce platform today. Notably, the most reputable suppliers are taking both the role of distribution as well as retailing in the market. Additionally, drop-shipping sales are also gaining momentum, especially with the online retailers. As such, distribution explore distribution management software ensures that each product reaches the right hand of the client who had placed the order. Additionally, it also provides that this process is as smooth and fast way possible.

The Need of Using Distribution Management System

Clear Visibility into Your Supply Chain Management

Knowing what is in its way to the warehouse or store and when it reaches the prospective buyer, allows that retailer to sell further merchandise that he/she might not be having in hand while being confident that these supplies will get to the market when expected. Additionally, this platform allows the seller to know when his shipment is still on another continent or when it is stuck in the customs. This prior knowledge will always save the supplier of the issues related to scheduled sales when the supply is expected to be late.

Improved Inventory Management

With the distribution management software, you can come up with a seamless procedure right from the production to delivery. This will allow you to establish various ship-to different addresses, work with the sales discount line and sales price that is linked to a particular campaign. This way, you can also promise your customers accurate deliveries based on the goods in hand and future availability. This permits you to distribute your stock as soon as it lands in your warehouse through the preparation of a single production and distribution schedule.

Boost Corporation Level

The most significant benefit of the distribution management software is that it stimulates the cooperation in all organizational levels. This platform gives you a clear insight into what is being done by your distributor and the supplier and the vice versa. Furthermore, this system links all remote software involved in your business, thus increasing the collaboration among all stakeholders. Additionally, this shared information also keep all affiliate in the organization updated thus keeping the whole course smooth and successful. Such partnerships boost other activities like forecast, reporting, order status, quotations and planning effectively to ensure that the merchandise reaches the market in real time. Notably, ensuring that you maintain a seamless relationship with your customer is the best strategy to keep afloat in the market.

Paging Notification Systems in Healthcare

According to CDC, every year there are over 136.9 million visits to the emergency room hospitals in the United States. In addition, there are over 12.3 million emergency room visits that end up turning into a hospital admission. The number of visits to the hospital to be seen my patients for care have been steadily increasing over the years. There are more and more people becoming sick and or injured and seeking medical care. Many times, these patients are unstable and are not in their right mind to care for themselves. They require immediate care and care around the clock. Sometimes, patients can be very aggressive and require security attention to help manage their behavior, since nurses and doctors alone cannot manage an aggressive patient causing harm to others around them. These situations occur on a regular basis in the hospital setting and requires more of a rapid system to alert necessary staff. Having a paging system that alerts necessary staff and personnel immediately is critical to saving the lives of many.

Many times, there are incidents that occur in hospitals that require help from security personnel. There are patients who become highly aggressive and angry due to their mental state not being stable. Sometimes, it may even be the medication that they are on, which has them becoming highly unstable and under the influence of medication to cause their aggressive behavior. According to NCBI, studies reported that there were about 67 percent of nurses who were surveyed, reported to have experience various work place violence in the hospitals. There were also studies that have showed that more men were committing violence among hospital staff than women. Violence in the workplace has continued to grow significantly over the years, especially in the hospital settings. It is critical that staff learn to better manage these episodes of violence and learn to take the necessary steps in order to prevent anyone from getting hurt.

There are many ways that staff and management what’s the number of episodes to occur. They may not be able to put an end to all violence in the workplace, but they may definitely be able to decrease it. In addition, there are many different types of systems that can be in place to better manage and episode when it occurs. Paging notification systems in healthcare are critical and having because they are able to notify the right personnel at the right time. When emergencies happen, there is never enough time to be able to contact the right people at that moment. You need to be able to immediately contact the right personnel quickly. Paging notification systems are an excellent way to take care of this need. If you have a paging notification system in place, violence in the workplace can better be managed and patience can better be monitored. You can customize the system to however you want and to notify the right people.

Overall, it is critical to having a system in place to be able to help saves lives and prevent workplace violence. Emergencies happen every day in the hospital setting, so you will always have to be prepared. With the convenience of a paging system, you no longer have to waste seconds on battling for your life with an aggressive patient. Help will immediately be on their way from a simple push of a button.

Didn’t We Go to The Same High School?

Yes! I’m sure we did. What year did you graduate? Really? Me too! What is your name again? It’s been a while. I’m at work now, give me your email and I’ll contact you when I get home tonight, ok? Great!

If there is a positive side to the “phishing” scam, it’s the fact that criminals still have to try to trick you into giving up your credentials. This means that they can’t circumvent the safeguards that are in place now. Therefore, it is up to the individual to remain prudent in cyber-space.

The phishing scam itself is a simple trick. It’s no different than a pick-pocket lifting your wallet by using distraction. In my opinion, the unique words and acronyms used to describe these serious crimes, serve to help perpetuate them, in that they are largely misunderstood. What is phishing you ask? How do you explain phishing you say? Why is it spelled with a “Ph…?”; perhaps some disambiguation is in order.

Attempts to obtain your personal information, no matter how, are crimes. In real life, in the old days, it was called a “con job”, and now, the quintessential con-man has slithered into cyber-space.

There are steps you can take to keep safe, however, avoiding the Internet altogether for fear of getting scammed would, for all intents and purposes, be letting the criminals win, in a sense. Working very hard to recognize the fraudulent attempts that come to your email inbox is a good habit to have. Such attempts that do come to your inbox or cell phone instant message or texting application, can be forwarded to the proper authorities for investigation. Working hard and paying attention when online may seem like too much to do just for surfing the web, but driving an automobile is a thousand times more difficult and dangerous. Best practices while on the Internet can become second nature, just as driving a car is. Personally, I enjoy forwarding the criminal attempts via email to the FBI or my ISP company. It gives a sense that something is getting done. The task of tracking cyber-criminals is herculean though, but it’s better than doing nothing.

Many Internet Service Providers (ISP’S) have departments you can forward fraudulent email messages to. Adding the email addresses of these departments to your address book is a good way to stay on top of fraud attempts. As for the attempts themselves, criminals are not too bright. Some of the attempts are pitifully obvious and easy to spot. Others are very sophisticated; however, it has been written that “The truth has a certain ‘ring’ to it…”, and extra focus and attention to these messages that make you pause, is best.

Phishing is a cheap trick. Those who perpetrate it are ever trying and changing their approach. They can flood tens of thousands of email recipients with the fake messages which have malicious coding mixed in with it. They are clever, but so are you. Stay focused.

Making Better Connections Through Data Purging

In today’s growing society, new businesses are entering the market. New businesses as well as organizations need to have a strong marketing base in order to enhance the growth of their business. A strong marketing base is making sure you have contact data or customer data that provides accurate information as well as updated changes over time. Having accurate and updated information is critical due to the fact that in order to continue customer business relations, you will need to ensure your support or customer base is accessible. According to invensis, having cleansed your data will allow you to generate more revenue because you will decrease the amount of returned emails, wrong numbers dialed, wrong addresses on file. In cleansing your data this will allow a business to have a better marketing strategy because your contacts will have the pleasure of having updates regarding recalls, defects, and updates readily available to them.

Cleansing files within your business’s database will provide several benefits. The first benefit is that it enhances the efficiency of your customer database by allowing business related information to effectively reach their customer base due to accurate information recorded on file. In addition, this will help future initiatives that the company may embark on because they have accurate data readily available. The second benefit is the business’s decision-making process is improved because accurate data is recorded in the system, allowing for better analytics when conducting quantitative analysis and or profit and loss comparisons. Third benefit is that business practices can become streamlined because cleansing your data will help you focus on the areas of business that are generating the most revenue and or enhance the low performing areas. The process will allow you to better incorporate new products. Fourth benefit of cleansing your data is that it will eradicate any duplicate contact information; which increases your business’s productivity as well as your staff’s efficiency. Therefore, this will allow for your staff to not waist time in reaching out to customers twice because of duplicate information. So, time will be effectively maximized in your company’s marketing. The fifth benefit is that your company’s revenue will increase because a business will receive faster response rates from their customers by having more accurate information.

When a business small or large is looking to enhance their marketing strategy they can conduct a simple search by googling what is data scrubbing (data cleansing) and they will discover a vast amount of resources and services to direct them towards business success. Cleansing your company’s contact data will allow you to identify corrupt files and replace them with accuracy. Also, cleansing your data will allow you to have a better relationship with your customers because they will perceive the company as organized due to accurate spelling of their name and correctly labeled address. The customer will perceive the company as an organization that values its customers.

Cleansing your data is highly important to overall business success. There are factors that are a must such as organization and standardization of your data. Having a company standard in place for data quality control will only benefit your company’s future growth, maximize your marketing, and increase your company’s revenue. The choice is yours, so make the decision to better the health of your business.

Retail Reporting Software: What You Should Know

Retail reporting software can help you analyze sales data of your company. With the help of accurate and in-depth analysis and reports, you can actually improve the general performance of your business. Acquiring real-time insights into financials of your company will help you minimize shrinkage and also prevent losses. With the help of good retail software, you will have no problems when it comes to accessing your business data any time and from wherever you may be.

Importance of retail management software:

  1. Loss prevention

Retail management software can help you notice and stop deceitful activities by simply analyzing the POS transactions as well as sales patterns. This can only be achieved with the help of predefined triggers like a refund to cash, sales outside the normal working hours, and discount over a particular amount. These occurrences can actually be analyzed with other parameters like store, staff, POS, as well as date and time. From a good interface, you can actually notice loss issue hence reacting accordingly.

  1. Sales performance

With the help of Sales Performance Indicator, you have no problems when it comes to answering questions related to your business. It will help you know the general performance of your business. Telling which opportunity to improve the rewards or profit within a month or week will be an easy thing. The Sales Performance Indicator can help you know the items that are likely to get out of stock before the next re-order. It will also help you know which products within your store have the biggest effects on the sales of other items. It will also help you know what customers want hence investing your resources wisely.

Whether you want to see the sales of a particular day or a historical look of the previous years, the dashboard will help you see profits, sales, as well as changes over time. If you really want to share the data of your business, retail management software will help you get into your dreams. It will help you print images or PDFs as long as you have a functional printer. It is easy to identify important patterns and trends in areas that require improvement.

  1. Employee Performance

With the help of retail management software, it is possible to analyze the performance of every employee. This will, in turn, help you know the weaknesses as well as the strengths of your sales team. It will also help you know the following:

  • Products sold as well as total sales per hour or over a given period of time

  • Total profit as well as profit per hour
  • Profits earned on certain days


From information provided above, it is crystal clear that retail management software can have a positive impact on your business. It will help you monitor the revenue of your business, average order values, product stock variances, as well as other retail KPIs. With the help of the software, it is possible to know the best as well as the weakest performing items. Optimize stock levels, predict trends, and also manage retail profits with the help of a good reporting system.

Online Onboarding Strategies to Embrace

Online Onboarding Strategies to Embrace

If you have ever been employed before or you are looking forward to a new job, probably you have heard about employee onboarding. If you are in the process of getting your first job, then onboarding is the process of helping new employees adjust to work and social aspects of the new jobs setting and within the shortest time possible. Employees get a chance to learn the necessary skills, best attitudes for the job and acquire necessary behaviors to help them work effectively.

Many inexperienced employees find the working settings challenging on their first days because they did not go through the right employee onboarding and orientation. Onboarding has been in existence since time immemorial, but the advent of internet has changed everything. Online onboarding is gaining popularity these days and many companies are embracing it. If a company decides to ditch the traditional onboarding method, with the best online onboarding software anything can be achieved.

Reasons Why Online On Boarding Is the Way to Go

With the best onboarding strategies in place, it becomes easy to introduce new employees to the work settings. However, a company should follow up the entire learning and training procedure and ensure new employees are adapting into the culture of the company. More so, the company should also have clear goals and objectives to make the onboarding process fruitful and interesting. Below are core reasons why online onboarding is a great strategy every company should embrace:

  1. Get Rid of Bureaucracy– A lot of administrative procedures are to be followed prior to undergoing through employee onboarding. Online onboarding and especially when you are using the right software does not entail a lot of paperwork and new employees will save time and learn instead.
  2. No Travel Expenses Incurred– New employees don’t need an actual classroom when they opt for online onboarding. Computer-generated training offers a chance to eradicate travel-related expenses. One can just get the onboarding software and watch orientation videos and learn more about the employer.
  3. Move Quick During Training Via In-House Online Support – In the new-hire situation, coming up with a learning management offers a chance to amass more job knowledge without wasting time. New workers on orientation will not have to repeat themselves. Once they learn how the company operates, they can move into other important things in the onboarding portal.
  4. Get Social Online – If a company has its own online portal, new employees can be introduced to social groups in the portal and learn more about the ethics of the company. These social groups can motivate the new employees and teach them the values of the company.
  5. Build Good Rapport – Through online onboarding, new employees can establish good sense of connection with the company. Once they know what to expect from the company, they will build trust and good relationship with other employees.

When looking for remarkable work flexibility, it is wise to move to online onboarding and shun the traditional methods. With the right onboarding software, you will be able to establish a smooth computer-related online registration of new employees. With proper software, it will also be easy to set up online feedback and follow-up that is less time consuming. It is time to take your company to digital era with the best employee onboarding software and enhance productivity.