Five Ways Technology Has Made Our Lives Easier

Since the industrial revolution, it seems we have been on an upwards trajectory of innovation that has no signs of slowing down. For that matter, the turn of the 21st century has proven to be one of the fastest growth rates for technology in recorded history. Now more than ever, we are producing impactful and essential pieces of technology at a rate not even experts predicted. With this in mind, who knows how technologically advanced we will be in as little as a decade from now? Some people would even argue that we have become too reliant on technology for our survival. For example, the majority of us now need a GPS to get to where we are going. Reading a map is now a lost art. Nonetheless, we can’t deny the fact that technology has changed our lives for the better. With all of that said, let’s talk about 5 ways technology has made our lives easier.

We Can Order Food Whenever And Wherever

One of the more convenient ways technology has made our lives easier is that it has allowed us to order food at the touch of a button. Worth noting, this includes ordering from wherever we want to wherever we want, and whenever we want it. It’s that easy. Again, in some ways this is contributing to us becoming lazier but, with a glass half full mindset, we can look at it as us becoming more technologically advanced.

Traveling Is Easier Than Ever

Another perk of technology nowadays is that it also has made traveling easier. It’s not necessarily the method of transportation that has been made easier but rather the way we get transportation. With apps such as Uber and Lyft, we can request a ride as simple as we can order food. At the touch of a button.

Networking Has Never Been Easier

As far as our professional lives are concerned, as you can imagine, technology has also integrated itself in that aspect of our lives as well. More than anything, it has made networking an easy part of our working lives. In fact, there are dedicated websites and apps that make it incredibly easy for people to connect and share professional advice with other professionals from across the world.

Made Transactions Easier And Safer

When people search for their online banks, usually, they don’t even think about any hack or breach of their valuable information. This is because technology has made it easy, but more importantly, safe to bank online. Long gone are the days of having to hide your savings under a mattress.

Allows For Instant Comminication

Last but certainly not least, technology has also changed the way we communicate with each other. Specifically, it has made it lighting fast to talk to one another. It’s truly amazing that from the times of the first telegraph to now, it has only been a little over a century.…

What Features Should a Reliable SMS Service Have

Contrary to what was widely acceptable that SMS marketing was largely for big businesses and organizations, small businesses are also incorporating SMS marketing into their marketing strategy. Nevertheless, a wide array of SMS marketing services out there are tailored for large businesses only. Even for the handful of SMS services out there, majority of them don’t have features crafted for small businesses. Therefore, small businesses must be careful with the SMS service they pick in regard to its features. After all, features are key areas of consideration when evaluating the effectiveness of any SMS marketing service . Below is a list of crucial features that one should look for when selecting any sms services for small business.

Send mass SMS

This feature ensures that the SMS service can send multiple texts to multiple customers or engage them simultaneously via text. Even for small businesses, there will be plenty of messaging needed and thus a service that would allow for mass text messaging makes it convenient to send mass texts to different receivers.

Multiple user support

Small businesses equally need to share their SMS marketing platform with multiple people in their business, just like their larger counterparts. For instance, a small business equally needs to have an SMS platform that bring many members of that business on board. In that regard, multiple user support is thus an important feature a small business should consider while choosing their SMS service. The feature enables small businesses to onboard several members other than having an entire team share log in details.

2-way text messaging

A good SMS service needs to offer 2-way text messaging, other than a single-way text messaging. In other words, an SMS service shouldn’t only be about small businesses texting their clients. It should also be about clients texting the small businesses of their choice.


Webhooks are still among the important features in any SMS service designed for small businesses. They enable small businesses to keep abreast with their subscriber list. Better still, webhooks help small businesses track the actions that affect their messaging account. With webhooks, they can easily log any information they need. Webhooks also track actions such as email captures, opt-ins and contest entries among others.


Having an auto-reply feature ensure clients of a small business aren’t messaging into their void any time they are texting to these businesses. Therefore any SMS service that is integrated with this tool ensures that clients don’t feel neglected. Again with this feature, small businesses can customize their automated response. In addition to automating their response, they can still change it as they wish.

MMS/Picture messaging

With MMS messaging, small businesses can send photos to their clients. This can be particularly useful for small businesses while sending out recent updates regarding new products. Photos can help enhance engagements, in addition to keeping clients interested in a business’ content.


Having an SMS service isn’t a luxury for small businesses but rather a necessity. An SMS service that work well for a small business can be instrumental in enabling the small business fulfill its SMS marketing objective, and hence small business should choose an SMS service that work for them.…

AI That Can Talk to Both Customers and Employees

We’ve all found ourselves wishing that we could just talk to our computers. There are quite a few different contexts where this can come up. One of the more common examples takes place when one has a question about products online.

Online shopping is rapidly replacing the experience of actually going into a store. There are quite a few different reasons for it. For example, there’s something to be said for the simple fact that one can essentially shop for new clothing while just wearing sweatpants. Or one might be able to combine eating dinner and shopping into a single fun event. But all of this tends to come together under a single large banner. That’s the fact that while it’s a more user-friendly experience. At least for everyone other than the drivers getting those products to us.

But there is one part of the experience that’s distinctly lacking. We often miss the experience of being able to actually ask questions to a knowledge sales associate. To be sure, there’s some questions we know we’re probably not going to get a straight answer on. Ask someone trying to get a commission how something looks on you and you can probably predict the answer. But that’s generally a smaller part of the whole shopping experience. We can usually learn a lot about products by talking to the people selling them. It’s often the difference between an informed purchase and one essentially made in the dark.

But there are some new methods by which one can replicate this experience. Sometimes it just involves talking to an actual person through a chat interface. But this is a rather costly endeavor for most companies. They have to support a worldwide market. And that means having people literally on call 24 hours a day. This can prove to be rather wasteful spending in the long term.

But a new idea is changing everything. Although Conversational AI Software Solutions involve melding advanced AI and traditional databases. Basically, the AI software can be tied into one’s internal databases. This opens up a wealth of possibilities. The conversation is many levels higher than what one finds with standard chatbots. The difference comes down to the fact that chatbots aren’t usually hooked into true AI. Actual AI is just that, artificial intelligence. It brings actual intelligence to any conversation. And that makes a huge difference.

Consider just what a database actually is. It’s a connection of data points. For example, one might find a larger category of pants. Pants would be further sub-categorized by size, brand, price and a host of other options. The AI could engage customers by recommending products based on their relation to items in that list. And company employees working remotely can also benefit from these types of real time conversations.

It’s essentially a chance to have a conversation with an expert. To the people in the company it’s an expert of their own creation. But to customers it’s an expert in the exact subject they’re interested in.…

Started a Technology Company with My Brother

When I started a company a few years ago, I would have never thought that we would be dealing with such sophisticated machines. I started the company with my brother two years back, and we started as a refrigeration repair service, but we quickly branched out to other electronics. My brother had a background in refrigeration. We thought it was a good area of the industry to start our business in to provide a service that would be needed in our community. The refrigeration services helped us get started, but we no longer market ourselves as a refrigeration company.

The money we made servicing refrigerators for our clients helped us gain reputation as a reliable business, but we switched our business’ focus when I went to school to learn about electronics. My goal was originally to be able to fix other household appliances, but I quickly became fascinated by the world of robotics. I remember watching robot cartoons as a child, and I enjoyed the contests where robots would fight. I’ve always had an interest in technology, but suddenly my interest grew to the point where I was studying to become a professional in the field of robotics. I passed all my exams after studying hard into the evenings. While I studied, I worked nights at the company.

My brother was understanding about my schedule while we operated our technology service company. He took over most of the daytime work hours. Most of the hours during the day involved taking service requests and giving serviced appliances back to customers, so he didn’t need to know how to make those repairs on his own. If the company slowed down its order requests during the daytime hours, my brother would take his time working on repairing a refrigerator for a customer. This is how we built our technology repair company into a reputable business that serves all areas of technology in our industry.

My parents were proud of what we accomplished with our tech company in a few short years. We enlisted some members of our community to engage with customers. That was our big marketing plan to draw attention to our business’ new location. We wanted to make a big announcement to the community that we were there to help anyone in need, and we relished in the sentiment of employing individuals living near our location. With our investments in some nanopositioning software for sale, we were able to corner our market. Our company grew quickly in a matter of months.

Now, we’re advertising more on the internet to help our tech company grow even bigger. We’re taking more orders from overseas because our services have become widely recognized in the industry. People have learned that they can count on our technology service company to fix the most minor problems, and we’re equipped to fix the major defects that impact their machines as well. We work with all types of companies, so we’re able to scale our packages depending upon demands.…

Careers Involving Electronics: IT and Computer Science

A computer scientist is a person who is involved with programming and the advanced algorithms and mathematics behind computers. Things that computer scientists deal with include operating systems and software. They constantly think about the ifs and whys behind these things.

A person doesn’t really need a degree to do this, but many employers require degrees in computer science. A degree in computer science tends to very heavy in math. Computer science majors should expect to take classes like calculus and discrete mathematics.

An interesting fact is not all computer programmers need to be seasoned math experts. There are some in situations in which you can be a programmer without being a math wiz. However, it is really better to be experienced in the mathematics that are included in computer science degree tracts.

Information Technology

A computer scientist to an IT is kind of like a car maker to a car mechanic. IT professionals keep a watch over technology and how a business’s current hardware and software are working. They keep attuned to problems that employees and clients might face when it comes to computer technology and information systems. They do not write or create the technology, they oversee it. IT professionals must know about a lot of things pertaining to computers, such as an ipv4 transfer.

There are different levels of education that one can attain to be IT professional. For example, there are certain certifications that you can study for. These certifications are supposed to qualify for entry level jobs. You can also attain various types of degrees.

Issues Concerning These Fields

There are many issues concerning the information technology and computer science fields. One issue is the fact that these fields are becoming over saturated with people who are qualified. This has led to massive unemployment. If people aren’t employed, they end up working at unstable, grinding, less dignified jobs that pay very little.

Another issue is the fact that foreigners, especially those from India, are being granted visas to work for American companies as IT professionals and computer scientists. As a result, they have bumped many Americans out of jobs. Sometimes, people with great credentials have been bumped out of jobs by foreigners, just because foreigners are being given higher priority.

There is also another problem that pops up with these careers. Online, many people testify to the fact that working for large companies such as Google can be very stressful, and perhaps not really worth it in the long run. People who work for such companies end up working long, erratic hours. Sometimes, the pay that a person receives in such a lifestyle does not really add up the value of the time that he or she puts in. This quickly become a negative thing as young people grow older and have other priorities in their lives. There is also a problem with ageism. Old people are just as able as young people to do a good job, but unfortunately, they are discriminated against.