Careers Involving Electronics: IT and Computer Science

A computer scientist is a person who is involved with programming and the advanced algorithms and mathematics behind computers. Things that computer scientists deal with include operating systems and software. They constantly think about the ifs and whys behind these things.

A person doesn’t really need a degree to do this, but many employers require degrees in computer science. A degree in computer science tends to very heavy in math. Computer science majors should expect to take classes like calculus and discrete mathematics.

An interesting fact is not all computer programmers need to be seasoned math experts. There are some in situations in which you can be a programmer without being a math wiz. However, it is really better to be experienced in the mathematics that are included in computer science degree tracts.

Information Technology

A computer scientist to an IT is kind of like a car maker to a car mechanic. IT professionals keep a watch over technology and how a business’s current hardware and software are working. They keep attuned to problems that employees and clients might face when it comes to computer technology and information systems. They do not write or create the technology, they oversee it. IT professionals must know about a lot of things pertaining to computers, such as an ipv4 transfer.

There are different levels of education that one can attain to be IT professional. For example, there are certain certifications that you can study for. These certifications are supposed to qualify for entry level jobs. You can also attain various types of degrees.

Issues Concerning These Fields

There are many issues concerning the information technology and computer science fields. One issue is the fact that these fields are becoming over saturated with people who are qualified. This has led to massive unemployment. If people aren’t employed, they end up working at unstable, grinding, less dignified jobs that pay very little.

Another issue is the fact that foreigners, especially those from India, are being granted visas to work for American companies as IT professionals and computer scientists. As a result, they have bumped many Americans out of jobs. Sometimes, people with great credentials have been bumped out of jobs by foreigners, just because foreigners are being given higher priority.

There is also another problem that pops up with these careers. Online, many people testify to the fact that working for large companies such as Google can be very stressful, and perhaps not really worth it in the long run. People who work for such companies end up working long, erratic hours. Sometimes, the pay that a person receives in such a lifestyle does not really add up the value of the time that he or she puts in. This quickly become a negative thing as young people grow older and have other priorities in their lives. There is also a problem with ageism. Old people are just as able as young people to do a good job, but unfortunately, they are discriminated against.