Profitable Websites – 10 Ways to Make Your Website Profitable

Profitable Websites – 10 Ways to Make Your Website Profitable

10. Feature Easy-to-Find Contact Info

If a visitor has a question they likely won’t move forward until they get an answer. You should have the standard “Contact Us” link in your navigation, but it can also be beneficial to feature info like your physical address, Email address, or phone number on your homepage.

9. Interact Encourage questions, feedback, and comments on your website

Make your forms as simple as possible – we have found that the more fields in a form, the less likely a visitor is to fill it out. Make sure you reply and reply quickly to any feedback.

8. Study and Learn from Your Site Statistics

Your website stats are an incredibly valuable source for marketing information. What pages are visitors most interested in? What search terms brought them to your site? At what step in the process do they leave your site? Find the answers and change your site to be more compatible with your visitor trends.

7. Encourage Shopping and Impulse Buys

If you have a vast e-commerce store, or just sell one simple item via PayPal, make sure the purchasing process is very clear and easy. Also, encourage quick impulse buys with easy-to-use “buy now” buttons and limited time deals.

6. Back Your Website Up with Web Marketing

Market your website. Tools like Google AdWords, E-Newsletters, and Social Media can be powerful promotional tools, if used correctly.

5. Make Content Concise, Interesting, and Fresh

A good website has a main goal with a central theme. Target your content to what your visitor wants to know and make it clear and concise. Also, update often. You should absolutely be able to easily and instantly update your website on your own, whenever you wish. One of the greatest strengths of this medium is new and fast information – if you’re not using an easy, web-based content management system, get one!

4. Have a Better Website Than Your Competitors

It’s very easy for visitors to jump from your website to your competitors’ and compare. Make sure your site looks better, is updated more often, and has more valuable information.

3. Make Your Website Attractive to Search Engines

It may sound obvious – but your website won’t be nearly as profitable if people can’t find it. Determine the keywords your audience will search for and include them in your content, build links to your website, and make sure it’s programmed to be as visible to search engines as possible.

2. Make Your Website Easy to Navigate

What is your reaction when you’re on a website and can’t find something you’re looking for? Don’t let your visitors get frustrated – think from your visitors’ perspective and make your content architecture as clear and intuitive as possible.

1. Make Sure Your Website Has an Attractive, Professional Design

A poorly designed website reflects terribly on a company, looks untrustworthy, and gives an overall negative impression. A clean, fresh, well designed website conveys stability, trust, and makes for a pleasing browsing experience. Make sure your website looks appealing to your audience – the back button is just a click away.