What Does a Website Do For a Business?

What Does a Website Do For a Business?

A website can offer businesses or individuals a professional-looking image to display their products, services and company to the world. It gives prospective customers an insight into the quality of the company and allows them to make informed choices of who they will deal with. All this is dependent upon how good a website has been designed; there are myriad options for creating a website available to businesses, ranging from the Do it Yourself option, free web design templates and hosting, purchasing software applications to create designs, getting a friend/family to do it for you, or pay for a web designer to create your site for you.

Do it Yourself option:

Do you have all the software applications and expertise to use them effectively?

Have you the creative abilities to produce stunning Web Design?

Do you have the time to spend on creating, maintaining and updating a website?

Free web design templates and Hosting:

Are the templates used editable easily and user friendly

Does the Hosting Company limit your bandwidth and usage?

Are there hidden costs?

Purchasing software applications:

What kinds of applications are best to buy and how costly are they?

Can you have the time to learn/ understand how to use them?

Getting a friend/family to do it for you:

How competent are they at Web Design?

Will they be available at your convenience to amend update/change your website?

Pay a Web Designer to do it:

Are they Local to you?

Have they produced examples/portfolio of their work?

Do they offer fixed priced deals?

Are there testimonials from customers to check out?

Do they offer free consultations?

As you can see there are many questions to ask about which option is best for your business needs so think carefully before you jump in to the wonderful world of the World Wide Web.