How to Get a Great Website Without Breaking the Bank

How to Get a Great Website Without Breaking the Bank

Let’s be honest, if you have a business or would like to start a business, you need a website. The fact is that it’s so easy and cost effective to get a website today, there simply isn’t any reason why you would not get one for your business.

Millions of people use the internet today to find services or products to satisfy their needs.

By having a great professional website and implementing the correct actions to get that website found online and in the search engines, you have the potential to obtain incredible amounts of additional business, all on autopilot, as people find your site online and then proceed to do business with you.

In these tough economic times its especially important to find low cost ways to grow your business, find new customers and get your name out there!

Now at this point I need to make something very clear. You WILL need to spend money. The reason for this is that while it’s possible to get a great website 100% free, you will need to pay for hosting. Unfortunately there is no getting around this.

Hosting is the 24/7 on internet server where your website will reside. These companies host your website on their servers and offer numerous features such as safety, security and reliability making sure your website is fast and never unavailable to potential visitors.

Free hosting simply isn’t an option, as you then risk reliability and speed issues and this can have massive negative impact on visitors and thus on your business which is certainly not worth a few bucks for hosting your website each month.

That being said, hosting is very inexpensive and can range from $9-$30 pm depending on the features you require.

I’m sure you would agree that if you could get a great professional website that had the potential to drive new customers to your business every day, and all you needed to pay was $10-$30pm for hosting, it would certainly be a good deal!

This all possible as we have a new breed of services online right now that you can take advantage of to create a great website for you business, and all you need to pay is a hosting fees each month.

Note: Remember, if you where to pay for a website to be created for you by web designer, you would need to pay for hosting for that site anyways, so why not simply cut out the designer and host with a service that allows you to create your site for free?

The hosting business does not have many differentiations within the core service so these companies had to find unique ways to stand out from the crowd. That’s when a number of them begin creating awesome services for the technically challenged to be able to create websites easily and completely DIY within their online hosting accounts.

This would certainly attract customers who needed hosting but did not want to pay a web designer $500 plus for a website, and then continue to pay additionally for every update or modification they may need in the future! This means you will be able to find many hosting companies these days that will allow you to use their integrated website creation tools to create a professional website right within their hosting account interfaces.

So before you decide to fork out $500 for a new business website, keep in mind that you could most likely create your very own professional business website yourself within 1 day, for only the cost of hosting your site each month.