Proper Web Design Will Make Your Website Search Engine Friendly

Proper Web Design Will Make Your Website Search Engine Friendly

Your website is a very crucial component of your business. Your online presence depends very much on your website. Web design part for your website is a very serious affair. You need to work intelligently on this front.

In the competitive world of web design business not all players are honest. You may find the same website in the portfolio of different web designers. In that case you will be confused since you are unable to find out which web designer has done the work actually. Some of the companies are smart enough to put fake information on their websites to misguide you. The only way to check for real references of the owners of the websites designed by a particular web design company is to get in touch with persons listed under the testimonials and clients section to get their opinion.

Furthermore, you can compare the website of the web design company with websites shown in its portfolio. If the websites shown in the portfolio are inferior in quality than the company’s website itself, it may mean that the web design company had got their website designed from some other professional web designer. You should be avoid selecting such web design company.

The very serious mistake committed and results in failure of any online marketing or business is non-optimization of websites for search engines. The search program works on certain logic which indexes the websites according to the keywords given by internet user. Most of the time the very basic web design elements are not included in the website giving problems in search engine optimization. Such problems can be fixed through better website design. An expert website designer can help you in building web pages in your website that are search engine friendly.

The worst thing that can happen to your website is the removal from the search index due to duplicate content in it. Search engines are very particular in banning all those websites which they found to contain duplicate content. Though as a website owner you do not intend to have duplicate content on web pages of your website but search engines require web pages of your website to be minimum 25% different from other web pages available on internet. The titles and meta tags in the web pages of your website need to be different so that they can be treated as unique.

Many times web designers use fancy graphics to make the website appealing but these graphics are not read by search engine spiders. Text content in your website becomes significant. Search engine algorithm works with text content. Your website should have enough text content to make it unique. Also with more text content on your web pages the search engine can easily make out what your web pages are all about.

The search engine program should easily follow the links on sub pages of your website. If search engine is not able to follow the links on your sub pages then each time the search engine will just show the home page but not your sub pages.