Good Landing Page for Good Conversions

Good Landing Page for Good Conversions

There has been plethora of web pages on internet today. The information available on net is huge. If you search for a particular page on internet the number of links offering information goes in hundreds and thousands. But very few pages give the information in the form you want. Most of the sites are as good as junk as they do not have information that you seek but for some reason they get listed on the result page after search. Visitors prefer to visit site that has simple format and has information mentioned in one page I proper format. If a visitor likes the page, they visit the same site again and again. This later helps in better page rank in searches.

Most of the web pages are not designed properly. After visiting the site, a person has to surf through many other web pages linked on the web site to get the correct information. Sometimes the links are placed in corners or on panes where it is not visible. Therefore it is very important to have well designed page. Many web sites prefer to have a landing page. A landing page is a website where a probable customer comes after she clicks on an advertisement. Once on the web site the customer gets basic information about the product or is asked to register herself.

A landing page is of two types.

1. Reference landing page: Reference landing page is like any other webpage that one gets to see on home page. Reference web page gives basic information or detailed information to customer. Once on landing page, a customer can surf through the web page and go across or click on the information which she needs. It can have text, images, video or even animation. To make it more interesting and lively many people prefer to have landing page made with Flash visuals.

2. Transactional Landing: A transactional landing is a page where a customer when she wants to purchase a product or wants to get registered for it. When a person clicks on the advertisement she is lead to a site where she is asked to register or where she has to book order and pay for a particular product or service. A customer is said to be ‘converted’ if she visits the site and registers or purchases any product from it. Many web sites aim for high conversion ratios.