Do Web Designers Handle SEO?

Do Web Designers Handle SEO?

Web designers do not all handle SEO. If you haven’t heard of SEO, it’s an acronym for search engine optimization. It involves several different strategies, but all of them revolve around getting your site ranked higher on search engine results. If you wanted to attract customers to your auto dealership in Boise, ID, for instance, you might try to target the keywords “Boise, ID auto dealerships”. This is one of the most important parts of the structure of your site, and it starts with the code.

When designers build a site, they write some of the code that drives it themselves. This code has to be up to the standardization rules used on the web. This is also an important part of SEO. Errors in your code make it more likely that the search engines won’t be able to tell what your site is about and, therefore, that you won’t be as visible in search results.

Sometimes, using a designer directory is a good way to find a company to build your site. The companies that get listed on these sites are also improving their SEO. Having popular sites, such as directories of service providers in your sector, provide links to your site is one way that SEO is improved. Strategies like these aren’t always included with a web page package. If it’s not, don’t be discouraged from using the designer. Some of the design shops know other businesses that provide those services, and it’s not unusual to have a specialist do this type of work.

Sometimes, a designer may advertise SEO but may not really do that much to improve your site’s ranking. Technically, just writing good code and providing a good navigation structure is part of the SEO effort. There are many ways that you can get your site in front of the right people with good search engine strategies, however, so make sure that your builder is being straightforward about how much of the SEO work they actually handle.

When you’re looking through a designer directory, see if any of the companies offer SEO services as a specialization. If you already have a good site but it’s not getting any hits, these companies can sometimes revamp it to help it get better search engine placement and, therefore, a lot more traffic might be coming to the site after optimization.