5 Web Design Errors To Avoid With Your Website

5 Web Design Errors To Avoid With Your Website

The primary goal of any website must be to impress its visitors as soon as possible. One must remember that the quicker you impress a visitor, the quicker you make him a customer. A designer must understand that there isn’t much to choose amongst its rival websites and so the quicker you impress someone the better it is. Now you must be thinking in such a stiff competition how can one excel over the others. But let me assure you that it isn’t such a herculean task. The tricks of the trade are few and also common to various other trades. Take for example the case of a retail store. What does the owner of the retail store do at the first place to drive in customers to his shop? Well it’s simple! He tries to catch the attention of the customers by making his store as beautiful and eye catching as possible. The same goes for a website as well. Try to impress a visitor by increasing the face value of your website.

Here are a few errors which designers often commit while designing a website:-

A� It is often seen that the designers impress the website visitors by a flash introduction about their website. This can be a good option as long as it is not overdone. One must remember that not all people have the time and patience to go through your three to five minutes long introduction. So make sure that you do provide a cancel option to your flash animation.

A� One thing that annoys everyone is the lack of proper contact information. What drives away the customers the most is no phone numbers listed or insufficient address details about your firm. So keep a note to post proper details on to your website and make sure that the new contact details are updated on to the website when needed.

A� Another thing to keep in mind while designing a website is not to keep broken links on your website. Avoid misleading your customers as well. When a customer is showing interest in your website and is trying to visit other pages you don’t want to annoy him with broken links.

A� Don’t over complicate things. Try to keep your content as simple as possible and try to give proper assistance to them by provide various help options.

A� Also make sure that the contents of your website are authentic and easy to read. Everyone avoids extra fuss and doesn’t want to spend extra time trying to look for information.

Even though there are a lot many points but these few basic rules will definitely make your website better.