When is the Time For a New Logo Design?

When is the Time For a New Logo Design?

Logo Design plays a very important role in brand identity building no matter what techniques you are using to reach new customers and potential clients. Businesses believe that a logo design is forever, sorry to burst your bubble but that’s not always the case. After some time businesses come to a point where it becomes important that they need to change their brand identity and come up with something new built upon their old identity.

You don’t need to ever change your logo if you are one of the lucky few such as pepsi. But since you are not you must realize the significance of the redesign. Even the largest corporations in the world who have hired very expansive design agencies keep changing their logo designs all the time. So why shouldn’t you? Especially when logo design has become very cheap and you can get a redesign for a couple of hundred dollars.

So the big question is when you should change your logo design? Well there could many scenarios in which a new logo design can certainly boost your brand image. We will discuss a few of them in this article.

You need to understand how your existing logo is affecting your brand image and marketing campaigns. There is no simple way to find this out. Large corporations spend thousands of dollars to find this out. How small businesses can do that without spending that much money? The answer is simple they need to ask their customers what they of their design. A bad logo design always causes an impact on how your customers perceive your business or brand. So if you see a decline in returning visitors or people start responding to your marketing. Then it is time for bringing your logo under observation.

It is also a proven fact that adding elements of style to match different themes can boost the recognition and likability of a logo design. A fine example of such scenario is Google’s logo which they redesign to match various occasions throughout the year. Whether it be Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day or any other holiday or festival.

If you are in the business for long enough to see a whole new generation of customers then maybe you should consider a logo redesign. Many businesses do that to fit in the new modern times and to create an image that new clientele can relate to. Some businesses argue that they have built a trust factor for their logo during last so many years how they can let it all go? Well they should not let it all go, a redesign does not mean a whole new identity. A redesign could be simply an attempt to change an existing design a little to make it more compatible under newer circumstances.

A new logo design should also be considered when a business is launching a new product, services or a whole new idea. Businesses evolve with the time, restaurants change their menus, they change their themes, people change their careers and it is all done by giving a totally new outlook to things. So it becomes useful to add new changes into design so that it reflects a new identity that perfectly represents your business.