Web Design – The Importance of Effective Web Page Design

Web Design – The Importance of Effective Web Page Design

Effective web page design can sometimes be the key factor to a company’s success on the internet. While their goods and services may be the best on the market, if they are not properly showcased, they are useless.

Professionals in the industry engage in rigorous web design training to master the effective techniques of proper web page design. There are several major components to creating a page that will attract consumers and increase relevant traffic. Some of the major techniques taught in quality web developer schools include:

• Simplicity – While it may be more fun to create extravagant and complicated web pages with flash elements, sounds and colors, in most cases, web developers live by the philosophy that simple really is better. Consumers can get distracted by a page that has too much going on, and it can slow things down to the point where they switch to a different site.

• Usability – Simplicity is something that directly relates to usability. Web design classes teach that a simple page is going to generate more consumer traffic because visitors don’t have to guess at anything. Consumers don’t want to have to work at things, if your web page is obvious and self-explanatory it will make visitors more comfortable.

• Focus attention – Correlating with usability, giving a visitor a plan of action will focus their attention on what is important. To get consumers to click a certain link, make it easy for their eyes to focus on it. By offering fewer distractions, visitors will see what is most important on a given web page.

• Effective writing – It is crucial for web design professionals to integrate effective advertising copy into their web page design. Making short, bold and targeted statements will attract the reader. Lengthy paragraphs with complicated statements or industry jargon will be too difficult for a consumer to digest.

• Make white space work – Another thing web developers learn in web design courses is that white space is never a bad thing. It allows a visitor’s eye to rest and not become overwhelmed by images and colors. While you don’t want to have too much white space, it is actually an effective web design technique.

• Testing – Probably the most important way to understand the effectiveness of a web page is to test it early on and frequently. By testing things like how many visitors come to the web page daily, how long they stay on the page, and how many click on important links, it is easier to understand changes that need to be implemented.

While web design is something that may seem fairly simple, enrolling in a web developer school is the best way to master successful techniques and skills involved in creating effective web designs.