Web Design Rates

Web Design Rates

Basically, when you are researching web design rates and are looking at these high prices, the simple answer is: yes. Some firms charge upwards of $10,000 for a simple website design, and you can’t honestly think that is worth it, right? Well, yes. But the truth of the expense is what is the value of a great web design?

The value can be built into your site in a few key ways.

1. The look and feel of a beautiful site. That is the curb appeal of your site. When someone first goes to your site, the ability to shock someone with an amazing site has a ton of value. When someone wants to show your site to their friend just because of how good it looks, that is value.

2. The usability of your site. Basically think of a city street layout. Is it confusing to find your way, or not? Because if it is not, then your visitors can’t navigate easily. This alone can make the high web design rates worth it. Because if you are selling something on your site and the visitor cannot easily navigate to your sales page, then you have already lost the sale. And no money for you.

So as you can see there are a few ways to build value to your site and how the web design rates can be worth it. But sidenote: you don’t need to be spending thousands of dollars for a great web design. It can actually come from a web theme or template that you can sometimes get for free, if you are willing to spend some time yourself, or spend for a web designer to tweak a customizable theme. That alone can give you the value you need and the simple design options that are available.