Web Design – How to Build a Brand

Web Design – How to Build a Brand

Branding is as important for web design as is important for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG). There are various elements like logos, unique selling propositions (USP), and images directly or indirectly associated with brand building. This is a very important aspect of marketing because it relates the product or the service to the buyer. Some of the prominent considerations for brand building especially with reference to web designing are as follows.

– Associating with a character:

The other effective way of branding is through associating your products or services to a character. A character can make you web site live. Wherever the character is seen the visitors should be able to relate it to your products or services. At times human characteristics are given to the character just to make the visitors remember it easily. The twitter birds are one of the best examples of using the character for brand building.

– Be consistent

Consistency needs to be maintained at the use of some of the basic elements like the images, color scheme and the typography. If there is abrupt and drastic change in these elements it adversely affects the branding. The targeted audience is compelled to think that the business is not confident about what it does.

– Humor and tone

The content of the website should be just like pitching the right words to the right audience. If the product or service is for the young generation a bit of informal language can work. Even humor can be welcome. If the product or service is for the elder generation and business organization then more of formal language needs to be used.

– Color and perception

How the visitor perceives your web site design depends directly on the colors that have been used in the design. Some colors like red are very attractive. Most of the people have been found to relate red to blood and thus relate the red color to aggression. When blue color is used in the web design most of the visitors tend to related to infinite because they have been habituated to see the sky blue. Green color relates to vegetation and nature and even services provided by hospitals. When the objective of the website is brand building, the choosing of the colors should depend on how the targeted audience perceives those colors. The culture and tradition also affects the perception of the color used.

– Feelings and Emotions

For building a brand targeting the feelings and emotions of the targeted audience is mandatory. Suppose the service is insurance then the website needs to target its audience through the feeling of fear. Suppose the website is about gift articles then the emotions of love and attachment have to be incorporated into the website.

– Logo

While branding one needs to give special attention to the size as well as location of the logo. The logo should neither be too small for being neglected nor too big for using the space of informative content. On the other hand the location of the logo on the web page should be the same. If it is placed on the left upper corner on one web page then it should occupy the same position in the other web pages too.

– It’s different

If you want to build the brand and expect brand loyalty from your buyers then your website needs to be different. In short it needs to be unique.

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