Step by Step Guide in Building a Website

Step by Step Guide in Building a Website

Here are simple steps to start building your own website

1. Choose and register your domain name

Firstly, you need to choose and register a domain name to build a website. It will be the address or URL of your website. Website needs to be storing its files and database and so it needs to a web hosting. You have to choose best web hosting company depending on your you have to do some technical task on your hosting account. You have to add your domain to your hosting account if you buy domain from different company. And if you buy domain from same company sometimes hosting company do this work.

2. Design Your Web page

Now you have to design your web pages using web designing software or by coding using notepad. Then you have to upload your web pages to your ftp using ftp uploading software. You don’t need to spend more time to design it at first as you can edit it or improve it later. Choose easy and best software to design the pages. You can put good images, video, sound or other staff depending on your website type.

3. Learn how to build a sales page

Sales pages are important pages for online business. You can make different sales page for different type of business. You can make a sales page easily with the software. And if you can develop the pages that will be best.

4. Learn to create website header graphics

Header images are most important factor for a website. If your site’s header is attractable, you will get more visitors.There are many sites or software to make header for websites. You have to make header size adjustable to your website.

5. Creating your web page banner

Banner is also an important thing to promote a site. Site must need a good banner to attract people. You can make 460×68 or 125×125 or other sized banner. You can use website to make banner or other graphics software. Or You can make flash banner. All you can using free software or websites. There is many site by which you can make good banner.