Making Sure All Your Marketing Materials Match

Making Sure All Your Marketing Materials Match

It is important to ensure your marketing materials match with everything. You want your business to appear as professional as possible with an eye-catching, modern and stylish overall “theme”. This may be pointless if you already have your business cards, flyers, website and what not, but if you are just starting up the following tips should be considered.

Tips before you design anything

Ensure all your printing work is at minimum 300 DPI (Dots / Pixels per Inch) and is in CMYK colour mode.

Your website is your primary theme. Make sure it is a simple but efficient design. The primary purpose for keeping it simple is not only does “Less equal More” surprisingly work out quite well, but you want to be able to use the same similar colour scheme or ‘theme’ on your business cards, letterheads.

Ensure all your information flows well. Ensure you don’t cram in too much information, If you are creating a flyer, try to make it just about a single product and/or service. You would probably notice yourself skimming through websites that have too much information for you to even be bothered to read.

Bold & Italics – You want to use Bold on titles and Italics for important segments of information

Spell single digit numbers. “one biscuit lasted 20 seconds” looks better than “1 biscuit… ” and is “professionally correct”

Always SPELLCHECK! Nothing looks more unprofessional then a typo or misspelling.

Know your Target Audience

Another thing you need to work out before you start anything is “Know your Audience”. You don’t want an overly graphical design full of flash animations, sounds and such if you are trying to appeal to retirees buying houses for example.

If you are trying to appeal to all ages then consider a plain but professional design.

If you are targeting the older generations, then go with a plain, simplistic design. Like you would expect on a Government website or something

Or if you are going for the more “youthful” audience, this is where your imagination needs to explode. The youth (in my opinion as a said “youth”) is more interested in seeing an innovative design with slideshows animations, use of the very latest web 3.0 functionality, heavily graphical and interactive interfaces. But still, you want to minimize the actual content as much as possible while still get your message or sales pitch across.

Hope this has helped some of my readers that I am very grateful to have.

Thanks for your time.