Guidelines For A Website Design

Guidelines For A Website Design

The main motto of web designers is to convince the visitor through their designs. That is why they create an attractive, sophisticated, easily accessible and functional website. They require good designing skills, easy and intuitive site navigation, logical website layout and a good web copy.

We want the visitors to see you as a knowledgeable source of information or a reputed business. The creditability of the business can be reduced if you have poor grammar and spelling. People are looking for information on the internet, whether you are selling your own product or services or recommending some other’s product. You must firstly provide valuable information to the visitors otherwise they will click away to find some other that provides them the information they want.

Cross browser compatibility is very important, as there are hundred different browsers in use these days. The website should be designed in such a way that it works properly on the most widely used browsers. But for this you might not be able to use all the great special effects which are available these days because they might not be supportable by most browsers. People generally do not bother to upgrade the latest version of the browsers even though they are free. The average surfers might not even know how to upgrade their browser. The visitors might be using a PC, MAC, PDA, a Linux box, or a cell phone and they all use different browsers. A good web design requires your web pages to work in main browsers like Microsoft internet explorer, Netscape, Firefox, opera and safari. HTML codes can help you out in final testing, but the main testing is to view your website on different browsers on different platforms.

The web surfers are impatient as they cannot wait for so long for a webpage to load. They click away to the other site if a website takes more than 10 seconds to load. Always optimize your graphics, photos and other files to have as small a size as possible without disturbing the quality of the picture. The height and width attributes of the picture should be used so that the rest of the page gets loaded while it takes time in loading the graphics.

Make sure that you specify the link colors if you are using colors other than white as the background colors, otherwise the browser of the user will determine the color of the links by itself and make it unreadable. The multimedia files should have some text describing them so that the visitors can get to know what the file is and has access to the information without using multimedia.

A great web design is a combination of common sense and good planning, it should be attractive, elegant, easy to use and most importantly provide the user with the information they want.