eCommerce Web Design – How to Hike Conversions?

eCommerce Web Design – How to Hike Conversions?

All the tools of marketing including the eCommerce web design are subject to the comfort ability level of the customer because over the years it has been proved that it is the customer who generates the revenue for any business and makes it successful. At times the web designers get so engrossed in making the website attractive that they forget the basics. At times making the website appealing can take a heavy toll on the speed of downloading at the browser of the buyer. Sometimes the color scheme used by the designer may look attractive for the designer but irritating for the visitor.

Some of the basic factors that play a pivotal role in the conversion of the visitor into buyer are as follows.

– Words

When we talk about the calls to act there can be two types of phrases; one is direct call to action while the other is indirect call to action. The direct call to action includes phrases like “buy now” and “add-to-cart”. The indirect call to action includes phrases like “learn more” and “more details”. Studies have revealed that the direct call-to-action phrases are more effective than indirect call-to-action phrases.

– Visibility of the shopping cart

Make sure that when the product description is being mentioned on a web page it is accompanied with a shopping cart that is visible. One can make it look different by use of contrasting colors and its size. The only prerequisite is that the shopping cart should be seen and after reading the product description the visitor should not find any difficulty locating it.

– Colors

Studies have shown that some colors like green and blue have positive impact on the visitor while colors like red and orange have negative impact. The color of the button for “add to cart” should be in harmony with the color scheme used for the whole web site.

– Navigation Paths made clear

Make the navigation as simple and clear as possible for the visitor. Use the fly-out menus in case you have a lot of categories and subcategories. Facilitate the visitors with bread crumbs so that they know what path they took to reach that particular web page. The button “continue shopping” should be placed without fail wherever necessary.

– Simplification of Search function

Be sure that the search box on your website works effectively and efficiently. Most of the visitors like to enter the word and on pressing the search button want to reach the respective web page instantaneously. The search box should be fully functional.

– Control

Most of the visitors do not like their movements to be controlled because of the web design. The web design should allow the visitor to access all the product/service description pages by the way he/she (visitor) wants.

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