What Features Should a Reliable SMS Service Have

Contrary to what was widely acceptable that SMS marketing was largely for big businesses and organizations, small businesses are also incorporating SMS marketing into their marketing strategy. Nevertheless, a wide array of SMS marketing services out there are tailored for large businesses only. Even for the handful of SMS services out there, majority of them don’t have features crafted for small businesses. Therefore, small businesses must be careful with the SMS service they pick in regard to its features. After all, features are key areas of consideration when evaluating the effectiveness of any SMS marketing service . Below is a list of crucial features that one should look for when selecting any sms services for small business.

Send mass SMS

This feature ensures that the SMS service can send multiple texts to multiple customers or engage them simultaneously via text. Even for small businesses, there will be plenty of messaging needed and thus a service that would allow for mass text messaging makes it convenient to send mass texts to different receivers.

Multiple user support

Small businesses equally need to share their SMS marketing platform with multiple people in their business, just like their larger counterparts. For instance, a small business equally needs to have an SMS platform that bring many members of that business on board. In that regard, multiple user support is thus an important feature a small business should consider while choosing their SMS service. The feature enables small businesses to onboard several members other than having an entire team share log in details.

2-way text messaging

A good SMS service needs to offer 2-way text messaging, other than a single-way text messaging. In other words, an SMS service shouldn’t only be about small businesses texting their clients. It should also be about clients texting the small businesses of their choice.


Webhooks are still among the important features in any SMS service designed for small businesses. They enable small businesses to keep abreast with their subscriber list. Better still, webhooks help small businesses track the actions that affect their messaging account. With webhooks, they can easily log any information they need. Webhooks also track actions such as email captures, opt-ins and contest entries among others.


Having an auto-reply feature ensure clients of a small business aren’t messaging into their void any time they are texting to these businesses. Therefore any SMS service that is integrated with this tool ensures that clients don’t feel neglected. Again with this feature, small businesses can customize their automated response. In addition to automating their response, they can still change it as they wish.

MMS/Picture messaging

With MMS messaging, small businesses can send photos to their clients. This can be particularly useful for small businesses while sending out recent updates regarding new products. Photos can help enhance engagements, in addition to keeping clients interested in a business’ content.


Having an SMS service isn’t a luxury for small businesses but rather a necessity. An SMS service that work well for a small business can be instrumental in enabling the small business fulfill its SMS marketing objective, and hence small business should choose an SMS service that work for them.