Use of Loops in EDM

Anyone who has listened to electronic dance music, also known as edm has probably wondered how it’s done. Many probably asked if they could do something similar. Thankfully, the short answer is yes. While it is still a skill that requires both unique tools and the practice to master them, edm differs from more traditional forms of music in that those tools are made readily available through a variety of sources. Since it is by nature electronic, edm doesn’t require the mastery of specific instruments and, with time, skill, and experience, a single artist can create sounds with the complexity of a band of musicians using different instruments.

However, before that process can start a base needs to be established for the edm artist to build on. This typically involves using a loop, a sample of music that be serve as the basic skeleton for a larger piece. Even a simple loop can be edited into a variety of different forms, adding different sounds to create a song that is unique and engaging in its own right.

Starting with a loop is by no means the only way to produce a solid edm track. However, they are a particularly good tool for beginners who are still mastering the technology and different methods involved. Loops, though simple in their unaltered form, are great sources of inspiration. A great trick while still in the creative stage is to simply try different sounds and see how it affects the loop. What kind of new sound is created and what feelings or images does that invoke? Even for skilled artists, song writing is a tricky process and few musicians create their art purely from scratch. Loops can also help by providing a slightly more clean, professional sound than what an amateur can create on their own. This is helpful both aesthetically and as a learning tool.

Perhaps the best thing about loops though is that they are readily available. The nature of edm makes it ideal for sharing online, after all. As a result, many artists and producers encourage others to try their hand by making their loops and samples easily available to other artists. A Simple online search using terms like hip hop samples can yield great results. Some make their samples free and available for download to anyone. Most offer theirs for a small fee. Often these loops are made available in packs grouped together by a specific theme so that artists can find the specific sound style they are looking for.

Edm is a style of music just like any other. As such there is a whole host of tools and skills that require practice and patience to master. However, loops are one of the many tools available that can benefit an artist at any level, providing either a technical base for the neophyte to build off of or the creative push an experienced musician needs to get their new project started. Don’t be afraid to reach out to other edm fans or artists for tips, suggestions, and good advice.