Started a Technology Company with My Brother

When I started a company a few years ago, I would have never thought that we would be dealing with such sophisticated machines. I started the company with my brother two years back, and we started as a refrigeration repair service, but we quickly branched out to other electronics. My brother had a background in refrigeration. We thought it was a good area of the industry to start our business in to provide a service that would be needed in our community. The refrigeration services helped us get started, but we no longer market ourselves as a refrigeration company.

The money we made servicing refrigerators for our clients helped us gain reputation as a reliable business, but we switched our business’ focus when I went to school to learn about electronics. My goal was originally to be able to fix other household appliances, but I quickly became fascinated by the world of robotics. I remember watching robot cartoons as a child, and I enjoyed the contests where robots would fight. I’ve always had an interest in technology, but suddenly my interest grew to the point where I was studying to become a professional in the field of robotics. I passed all my exams after studying hard into the evenings. While I studied, I worked nights at the company.

My brother was understanding about my schedule while we operated our technology service company. He took over most of the daytime work hours. Most of the hours during the day involved taking service requests and giving serviced appliances back to customers, so he didn’t need to know how to make those repairs on his own. If the company slowed down its order requests during the daytime hours, my brother would take his time working on repairing a refrigerator for a customer. This is how we built our technology repair company into a reputable business that serves all areas of technology in our industry.

My parents were proud of what we accomplished with our tech company in a few short years. We enlisted some members of our community to engage with customers. That was our big marketing plan to draw attention to our business’ new location. We wanted to make a big announcement to the community that we were there to help anyone in need, and we relished in the sentiment of employing individuals living near our location. With our investments in some nanopositioning software for sale, we were able to corner our market. Our company grew quickly in a matter of months.

Now, we’re advertising more on the internet to help our tech company grow even bigger. We’re taking more orders from overseas because our services have become widely recognized in the industry. People have learned that they can count on our technology service company to fix the most minor problems, and we’re equipped to fix the major defects that impact their machines as well. We work with all types of companies, so we’re able to scale our packages depending upon demands.