Paging Notification Systems in Healthcare

According to CDC, every year there are over 136.9 million visits to the emergency room hospitals in the United States. In addition, there are over 12.3 million emergency room visits that end up turning into a hospital admission. The number of visits to the hospital to be seen my patients for care have been steadily increasing over the years. There are more and more people becoming sick and or injured and seeking medical care. Many times, these patients are unstable and are not in their right mind to care for themselves. They require immediate care and care around the clock. Sometimes, patients can be very aggressive and require security attention to help manage their behavior, since nurses and doctors alone cannot manage an aggressive patient causing harm to others around them. These situations occur on a regular basis in the hospital setting and requires more of a rapid system to alert necessary staff. Having a paging system that alerts necessary staff and personnel immediately is critical to saving the lives of many.

Many times, there are incidents that occur in hospitals that require help from security personnel. There are patients who become highly aggressive and angry due to their mental state not being stable. Sometimes, it may even be the medication that they are on, which has them becoming highly unstable and under the influence of medication to cause their aggressive behavior. According to NCBI, studies reported that there were about 67 percent of nurses who were surveyed, reported to have experience various work place violence in the hospitals. There were also studies that have showed that more men were committing violence among hospital staff than women. Violence in the workplace has continued to grow significantly over the years, especially in the hospital settings. It is critical that staff learn to better manage these episodes of violence and learn to take the necessary steps in order to prevent anyone from getting hurt.

There are many ways that staff and management what’s the number of episodes to occur. They may not be able to put an end to all violence in the workplace, but they may definitely be able to decrease it. In addition, there are many different types of systems that can be in place to better manage and episode when it occurs. Paging notification systems in healthcare are critical and having because they are able to notify the right personnel at the right time. When emergencies happen, there is never enough time to be able to contact the right people at that moment. You need to be able to immediately contact the right personnel quickly. Paging notification systems are an excellent way to take care of this need. If you have a paging notification system in place, violence in the workplace can better be managed and patience can better be monitored. You can customize the system to however you want and to notify the right people.

Overall, it is critical to having a system in place to be able to help saves lives and prevent workplace violence. Emergencies happen every day in the hospital setting, so you will always have to be prepared. With the convenience of a paging system, you no longer have to waste seconds on battling for your life with an aggressive patient. Help will immediately be on their way from a simple push of a button.