A Little About New School Church Offering

Giving to those in need is an important part of being a Christian. The churches take a donation each week from their members. However, there are fewer and fewer and fewer people who carry cash today. This is because we have entered an era of digital media and digital currency.

When we give today it is usually in a digital format. We want to give with our debit or credit cards. But how do we give our weekly donation to the church we attend and give it in a digital format. We trust that there are sites out there that will allow us to give in a digital format.

Conducting an internet search will better assist us when looking for a way to give our church offering digitally. However, is this enough just to conduct an internet search and give our offering digitally? Some might think so. However, some might not think so.

These sites that offer a digital format and even PayPal to give the church might not be your church. What happens then? The fact remains you still have to give to your church. You will need to take cash out of the bank or write a check to give to your church.

Everything today is documented on social media. However, there is much to be said about someone who posts what they did or gave to charity. Many who read a post about someone who gave to a charity might think the post is a way of the giver to say I did right by God today.

However, this is not the case. Social media is a way to let your friends know what concerns are closest to your heart. There might be one of your friends or followers who react to this same charity. Each dollar donation adds up.

When Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was alive all he did was give to charity. He felt it was his civil duty to do so. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. felt it was mankind’s civil duty to give to others. He could not have lived a fuller life if he tried. Dr. King was a great leader and showed many what giving is.

When Dr. King was assassinated he took with him the gift of giving. Many forgot about the lessons Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. instilled upon the world. If social media had been around while Dr. King was alive then the world would have found out in a more expedited manner that giving is something every man, woman, and child needs to do.

Social media can be charities best ally. Word of mouth travels fast today, thanks to social media. When we give to our church or favorite charity we should share. The charities might get one or two more much-needed donations from a giver sharing.

To recap the world is a digital market anymore. The way we give to charity has changed. We need to share our good, our bad, and even our ugly sides with the world.