What To Look For When Purchasing Laser Engraving Equipment

One of the most useful tools for cutting, engraving, and personalizing items is a laser, as it offers superior accuracy and etches into the surface of the intended object creating a long-lasting image. There are a plethora of laser devices on the market, which often complicates the process of choosing the best model for a particular use. The following is a brief overview of the three most important things to consider, which will ensure a device that will meet a person’s needs now and in the future.

Engraving Bed Dimensions

The size of the items that may be processed on a laser device is dependent on the size of the engraving bed. Most systems use adjustable bars which allow the user to shrink the size of the area, but items too large for the bed should not be processed. It is essential to consider the types of things that will be used in an engraving system and obtain a machine that offers a size that will be adequate for any project.

Laser Strength

Many users have the misconception that the strength of the laser is what determines the thickness of the items being cut. In reality, the focal lens is responsible for this role, but the power of the laser does affect the overall reliability and speed of the device. The most common wattage is between 50 and 65, which will allow a person to make accurate cuts quickly, and provide a cut that is up to 3/8″ thick.

Built-In Vacuum and Coolant Systems

When a laser is operating, it will produce a vast amount of heat and waste. Air cooling is a good option for machines that are not used frequently, but those that will be operating more than 1 hour at a time should be equipped with a water-based cooling system. Another option is to include a built-in vacuum tool, which reduces the amount of waste created and helps to reduce the heat produced by the machine.

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